12 National Security Operatives Allegedly Beat Nii Lante Vanderpuye Mercilessly


The Member of Parliament for Odododiodoo, Nii Lante Vanderpuye claims some personnel of the National Security Secretariat have physically assaulted him.

Mr. Vanderpuye said the incident occurred in front of the James Town Police station. According to him, he was at the police station to secure bail for a journalist.

He told the media that he had asked the journalist to take pictures of some projects he had undertaken in his constituency only to be told later that the journalist had been arrested by the police.

In his narration, Vanderpuye is said to have told JoyNews that 12 persons from the National Security walked to him and launched an attack on him at the police station. He said they ordered him to leave after brutalizing him.

According to him, but for the intervention of the police, the worst could have happened.

A visibly worried Vanderpuye is demanding some answers from the police.

“The police should be able to tell why they arrested my cameraman who had gone to just take a picture of a project I am undertaking for the people,” he said.

Although he is unhappy about the development, the former Sports Minister said he is unfazed.

“I’m sad but I’m not broken; I’m still strong,” he proclaimed. “I know I have a God who lives.”

He has expressed gratitude to supporters of his party, National Democratic Congress, chiefs and the people in his constituency for their remarkable support.

“Yesterday when the incident happened, without any call, thousands of people who came out at that time of the night, followed up to the police station to the hospital and even some of them wanting to follow me to the house, is enough encouragement to me,” said the legislator.

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