BOLGATANGA: NDC Protesters Pounce On ‘National Security Operative’


Supporters of National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region, Wednesday, December 23, pounced a young man they claimed paraded as a national security operative during the December 7 election but showed up clad in red to join their demonstration.

The Upper East Regional NDC had its turn to demonstrate Wednesday morning as part of the party’s planned series of demonstrations held across the country to protest the 2020 parliamentary and presidential elections results. The party contends that the election results as announced by the Electoral Commission of Ghana are ‘flawed’ and that they are unable to accept same.

While at it this morning, the Regional Secretary, Donatus Akamukri, said they are out on a peaceful protest and warned persons who intend to cause chaos and mayhem.

His comments came moments after party supporters chased out and beat a gentleman who paraded as a national security operative during the elections who wanted to join them in the demonstration.

It took the intervention of the Ghana Police Service to save the situation.

Watch the video below:

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