Cemetery Guards Busted For Being In Possession Of Human Heads


Two cemetery security guards have been arrested for allegedly being in possession of human heads.

According to reports, the guards work with a cemetery owned by a religious body in the town.

The incident occurred at the Surulere area in Ondo State of Nigeria on Sunday, January 17, 2021.

One of the guards, identified only as Alhaji, was allegedly caught by residents with a bag containing one of the heads.

Irate youth attempted to lynch the cemetery guards but failed thanks to the timely intervention of the state security.

According to Vanguard: “Very early today (Sunday) somebody went to defecate in a bush beside the cemetery and he saw Alhaji with a sledgehammer and he broke one of the tombs in the cemetery.

“After some minutes he came out with a bag. So the person that saw him raised the alarm and we rushed to the scene. When we checked the bag Alhaji carried, we saw a human head in the bag.

“When we went around the cemetery, we discovered that about 44 tombs have no dead bodies inside them, they have been exhumed by ritualists. So we have handed them over to the Amotekun corps.”

The state Commandant of Amotekun, Chief Adetunji Adeleye confirmed the arrest of the suspects.

He, however, said that no human heads were found on the suspects when arrested.

He said: “Our personnel, who were invited, rescued them when the residents were about lynching them.

“The suspects were rescued by our men when the residents were about to kill them. We have handed them over to the police.”

But the state Police spokesperson Tee- Leo Ikoro said the suspects were yet to be handed over to them.

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