COP Alex Mensah Could Be Charged With Perjury Over ‘NPP Card-Bearing Member’ Confession – Agalga


The Vice Chairman of the ad hoc committee set up to probe leaked audio containing a plot to forcefully remove Inspector General of Police, George Akuffo Dampare from office, James Agalga, has said that one of the officers fingered in the plot, COP Alex George Mensah, could face perjury charges.

His stance comes on the back of a confession COP Alex Mensah made concerning his affiliation with a political party, while on the radio, contrary to his answer on the same subject when he appeared before the committee.

The retired senior police officer made the comments before the ad hoc committee under oath before contradicting himself later during that radio interview.

In that encounter at the committee sittings, COP Alex Mensah clearly stated under oath that he was only a sympathizer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and not a card-bearing member.

However, in a later interview on Accra-based Asaase Radio, he shared that he had an NPP identification card.

Asked by the interviewer: “Do you have a party ID card?” he responded, “Yes, I do.”

In light of this, James Agalga, in an interview on Kwesi Parker-Wilson of Oyerepa TV, stated that if COP Alex Mensah is indeed found to be a card-bearing member of the NPP, he could be charged with perjury.

“Well, he spoke on oath once. You speak on oath before a parliamentary committee, if you spew out untruths in the course of your testimony, you could be held for perjury. So, he could be held for perjury. But that is if the fact is established that indeed he’s a card-bearing member of the party,” he said.

Below is the transcript of what COP Alex Mensah told parliament in August 2023:

NDC MP Eric Opoku: And so, when you said you came when we were in power, what exactly were you referring to?

COP Alex Mensah: Mr. Chairman, I was referring to the General Secretary’s party.

NDC MP Eric Opoku: That is the NPP, is that correct?

COP Alex Mensah: That is so.

NDC MP Eric Opoku: And then, when you said we, you mean that you were part of the NPP, is that correct?

COP Alex Mensah: I am a sympathizer of the NPP.

NDC MP Eric Opoku: So, you are not a member, you are a sympathizer, is that what you are telling this committee?

COP Alex Mensah: I have said it already.

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