Covid No Longer A Pandemic, Review Levy- Social Media Users Go Ablaze On GRA


Ghanaians on the bird app, Twitter, have unleashed several words of wrath on the administration charged with the task of assessing, collecting and accounting for tax revenue, Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA).

In a post sighted by on Twitter by GRA verified handle, the institution articulated that the Covid-19 Health Recovery Levy is still mandatory unless the lawmakers of the 4th Republic amended or repealed the law.

”We receive this question a lot on here. GRA’s mandate is to collect revenue from taxes and levies as enacted by parliament. The basis of revenue collection is the law. The Covid-19 Health Recovery Levy Act, 2021, Act 1068, did not have an end date and so the GRA must continue to collect until the law is amended or repealed’, GRA official Twitter stated’.

As part of efforts to improve compliance, the Authority(GRA) is required to assist taxpayers to understand and meet their tax obligations by providing robust and comprehensive advice further explaining that the said levy was introduced in 2021 to help the country recover from the effects of the pandemic.

”To add to this, the Covid levy was introduced to help the country recover from the effects of Covid. Although the global pandemic has ended, Government may need to cover for expenses incurred during its time. After which, Government will take steps to make the necessary changes” GRA stated.

Meanwhile, netizens have criticized the still decision of the Authority.

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