Day 8: Medics Unable To Uncover Cause Of Alleged Yellow Sisi Waakye Poisoning – Insight


Medics at the Valley View Hospital situated in the Adenta Municipal have not been able to reveal the cause of the alleged food poisoning of locals in the Oyibo community despite discharging close to 53 people who reported the same incident that ensued last week Friday, January 20.

A Food Safety Alert System claimed that it had an alert dated Sunday, January 22, 2023, on a food-borne disease outbreak in the community.

However, a nationally accredited Newspaper online, Graphic, reported that a joint investigation by the Ghana Health Service (GHS) and the Food and Drugs Authority has also confirmed the attack.

Meanwhile, FDA has suspended the operations of Yellow Sisi Special Waakye.

Speaking to some of the victims of the incident on the AY3 HU Show aired on Accra-based radio station Hot 93.9 FM, they confirmed the outbreak and vowed not to eat the rice-made meal Waakye again, while others disclosed preparing theirs at home. 

However, Chairman KK the presenter of the viral midmorning show made efforts together with his outstanding Producer Maaboro to get in contact with Food joint owner, Yellow Sisi on the live show.

Actions to communicate with Yellow Sisi became unsuccessful when one man in the middle of an empathic interview with the food vendor allegedly revealed that the FDA was already handling the incident while confirming the closure of the business.

Regardless of the hardworking physicians at the Valley View Hospital’s effort to uncover the reason for the alleged food poisoning outbreak, it has been null.

The Graphic gathered that a pregnant woman and a lotto vendor died. The Yellow Sisi Waakye joint is one of the popular food joints at Oyibi Bush Canteen.

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