Doesn’t Merit Chieftancy? Watch How Gay Right Activist Mac Iyalla Fell From Palanquin During Coronation


During a durbar, which is a special parade, some chiefs are carried in a palanquin. Subchiefs have to walk. Traditionally, it’s a sign of a bad omen when a newly enstooled chief falls from a palanquin.

Literally, it’s a form of humiliation to the coronation.

Meanwhile, a well-known Nigerian-born gay rights activist, Davis Mac Iyalla, who has been installed Amankorehen of the Yamonransa Nkusukum Traditional Area in the Central Region fell from the Palanquin in which he was carried during his coronation.

The Amankorehen is the development chief who usually promotes activities that accelerates the development of an area. The chieftaincy title is usually given to persons and even foreigners who have contributed to the development of a community.

A video posted by Ghana’s most accredited online newspaper noted by hotfmghana described how the newly installed chief falls from the palanquin.

In the video, some people are heard yelling and mentioning “Jesus” in their attempt to save the chief from landing on the ground from the palanquin.
Shortly after the screaming, a group of people are seen rushing to the place where the palanquin fell.


Watch an excerpt of the video below:

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