GaDangme Council Opposes Nima Attack Against Nii Odoi Kwao Family


The GaDangme Council has denounced the attacks, on members of the Nii Odoi Kwao family, who were conducting traditional rites in Nima during the Homowo festival.

Video footage captured the distressing incident where members of the family were assaulted by agitated youths while performing the customary Kpekple ritual, a common practice during Homowo.

The GaDangme Council asserted that the Nii Odoi Kwao Family holds the allodial rights to Nima and alleged that the attack occurred because an imposter mantse had incited the youth to oppose the ritual.

“The involved youth were reportedly mobilized by a rival outsider Mantse, individuals who are not native landowners, without the knowledge or consent of the legitimate landowners, in competition with another Mantse. This situation had led to simmering tensions and heightened emotions within the community.”

“During the ceremony, the youth became furious, threatened the Elders, and cautioned the Landowners not to set foot in Nima again. In their anger, they scattered the traditional offerings on the ground, displaying significant disrespect and contempt for the landowners.”

In an official statement, the GaDangme Council condemned the actions of the youth as “unacceptable and disrespectful to GaDangme culture, customs, and practices, and a desecration of the essence of Homowo.

” The council demanded an unequivocal apology from those responsible for the incident, addressing it to both the affected family and the entire GaDangme community.

“We wholeheartedly denounce this incident and strongly caution against any recurrence. Furthermore, we insist on an unreserved apology from those involved and responsible for what transpired. We emphasize that such challenges to the rightful landowners by outsiders may result in the forfeiture of their claim to the land.”


Watch the alleged attack on the family below:

Credit: Independent GH

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