Ghana Wins Nigeria In Global Jollof Competition


A former Guinness World Record (GWR) holder for the longest cooking marathon (individual), Hilda Baci, has reignited the age-old debate between Ghanaian-made Jollof and Nigerian.

In a podcast, the Nigerian chef confidently asserted that having tasted Ghanaian Jollof, it falls short of the excellence found in Nigerian Jollof.

The former Guinness World Record holder opined that Ghanaian Jollof lacks the essential flavor.

“Nigerian Jollof is actually better than Ghana Jollof, I have been to Ghana, I have eaten their Jollof, I have done a competition with a Ghanaian chef that made his best Jollof, and I have seen the recipe,” she said.

However, in a video sighted by hotfmghana on X (formerly Twitter), Military personnel and other civilians from different countries like Fiji, England, Gambia, Nepal, India, South Africa, and Scotland, all from different continents affirmed that claims by the former GWR holder were evidently erroneous.

Of about twelve (12) contestants who tasted the meals from the two West African nations on a live telecast, ten (10) consented that Ghanaian Jollof tasted more reasonable than the Nigerian meal.

Watch excerpt of the video below:




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