GNPC Top Drilling Engineer Resigns As A Result Of Managerial Crisis By Acting CEO


The Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) has been hit by a stray bullet after the world’s topmost drilling engineer among them resigns. 

The engineer who is classified among the best in Africa and the world after the country has hugely invested in him has tendered his resignation letter due to a managerial crisis under the auspices of the acting CEO Mr Opoku Ahwene Danquah.

Most other snr. staff members who feel threatened as a result of the same managerial crisis also intend to drop their resignation letters if nothing is done about the poor management of Mr Ahwene Danquah.

The Acting CEO who has failed twice in an interview with the public services commission to be substantive CEO has adopted divide-and-rule tactics by using junior staff with less experience to dent the image of the corporation. 

In an interview, some of these workers bemoaned the quality of staff the state invested in years ago who ought to pay their dues but have no option than to join other world oil companies where Ghana will lose most.

The resigned engineer whose name is withheld for purposes of safety is already in arms with a world most oil producing company to continue his profession

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