Hearts Of Oak Acknowledge FIFA’s Ruling On Ex-Coach Matic Side


In response to the release by FIFA, a plaintiff against Accra-based football club, Hearts of Oak, by former coach Slavko Matic, Management has also released a statement.

In the press release, the Phobians stated that they had FIFA had mandated them to pay the former an amount of 14002 in USD while rejecting other claims made against the club.

This amount includes outstanding remuneration, prorated payments, reimbursable expenses, and compensation for a two-month breach of contract.

The breach of contract occurred when supporters prevented Matic from conducting training sessions.

The club emphasized that all other claims made by Matic were rejected by FIFA, aligning with the club’s own position. Hearts of Oak further clarified that they had already taken the initiative to settle the agreed amount with Matic several weeks ago, with the exception of any undisclosed loans he had taken during his tenure.

As a next step, Hearts of Oak have referred the matter to their legal team for further action.

Matic, who was appointed as a replacement for Samuel Boadu last season, was forced out of the club in the middle of the campaign following poor results and fan dissatisfaction.

Hearts of Oak will now focus on regrouping and preparing for the upcoming season as they aim to build a successful team under a new coach.

Read the Statement Below:

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