Hot Video: Senior High School Computerized School Placement Corruption Revealed


A video posted by a non-profit, public interest, and accountability investigative journalism project of the Media known as The Fourth Estate has revealed how humans corrupt the designed computerized algorithm meant to select prefered Senior High Schools for candidates of Junior High Schools Students after their Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

In the circulated video cited by Hotfmghana, one of the humans in the department was spotted negotiating with parents of deprived students who were allegedly placed in schools they had not selected. 

”Is it Home Economics? it’s all about money” …. one employee stated to a parent.

Another excerpt spotted a troubled mother whose ward desired Wesley Girls SHS and had to negotiate to pay a sum of GH₵20000 to get her student admitted. 

Watch the excerpt of the video below:

Meanwhile, the officers in charge were glimpsed counting a shedload of money in the video. 


Watch the full video here:



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