How An Alleged NPP ‘macho man’ Was Beaten For Trying To Stop Captain Smart’s Show In Obuasi


The incident unfolded as the man attempted to prevent popular media personality Captain Smart from hosting a morning show in Obuasi.

According to a Twitter post by user Yayera Koku, the alleged NPP macho man was sent with the explicit purpose of preventing Captain Smart from conducting his show on June 8, 2023.

The youth, angered by the man’s interference with the media personality’s program, engaged in a physical confrontation with him.

In the video footage, the alleged NPP macho man can be seen fighting with one of the youths, while others, including the police, attempted to restore order to the chaotic scene.

The Twitter post accompanying the video cautioned viewers about its disturbing content.

“The NPP yesterday sent a macho man to prevent Captain Smart from hosting his morning show in Obuasi. Please watch what the youth did to him.

Viewer discretion is advised.”

Further information from a report by reveals that Captain Smart and his crew were subjected to an attack during the second day of the Onua Maakye’s Peoples’ Assembly event held in Obuasi, Ashanti region, on June 8.

The incident reportedly involved a member of the Obuasi Municipal task force, who disrupted the proceedings and physically prevented the technical team from setting up live broadcasting equipment. The individual claimed to have received instructions from higher authorities to halt the event.

The report added that, in response to the disturbance, the Onua team and event organizers sought assistance from the Obuasi Central Police Command to resolve the issue before the show was held, as reported by


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