I Composed Ex-Doe’s ‘Maba’ Song — Okyeame Quophi


Veteran rapper, Okyeame Quophi, has disclosed that he was behind the controversial song ‘Maba’ by Ex Doe, which sparked Ghana’s first rap feud.
Quophi Okyeame revealed that he was the ghostwriter behind the popular diss song in the 90s which threw some jabs at the legendary rapper Reggie Rockstone.

The song “Maba” was one of the popular diss songs that trended for years back in the 90s. The diss song by Ex-Doe was a jab at artist Chicago after the two; Ex- Doe and Chicago were at loggerheads following their misunderstanding over the “Daavi Med Kuku” song in 1996.
Ex-Doe also fired some subliminal shots at the highly-respected Reggie Rockstone, the one widely regarded as the originator of the Hiplife genre.
Speaking on Accra-based Joy FM, Quophi made a revelation when he was naming some musicians he has written songs or in the past.
“…and I wrote for Ex-Doe. This is why Reggie will never like me,” he said.
According to him, he wrote the entire ‘Maba’ song after Ex-Doe approached him with a beat that had been given to him by Nana King.

“Ex-Doe came to me in Kumasi. He actually moved from Accra and came to Kumasi. He had a beat from Nana King and was looking for what to say with it, so we brainstormed and the idea came because people were living in Accra, we were living in Kumasi, we were the kingpins of the Kumasi rap and Accra person was claiming Presidency.”


Source: GHW

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