Kennedy Agyapong Attacks Martin Amidu; Vows To Strip Him Naked After Nana’s Inauguration


Maverick politician and businessman Kennedy Agyapong has vowed to strip former Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu naked soon after the inauguration of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

“The things that are embedded in me are boiling. You, Martin Amidu, wait for Akufo-Addo to be sworn into office first. The way I will strip him naked…the plans he had against NDC. The NDC should be careful. He planned with Rawlings to make sure that Mahama loses the election then he Amidu and Zanetor will take over the party,” he revealed on NET2 TV.

It would be recalled the firebrand from the onset was averse to the appointment of Former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Martin. A.B.K Amidu as the Special Prosecutor.

The maverick politician who raised red flags over the choice of the personality who is a known member of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), was at a loss as to why members of the party are hailing the appointment indicating that it is a looming disaster about to explode and could scuttle the fortunes of the party in future elections.

“Celebrate Martin Amidu, he will soon come after the very party that appointed him. Martin Amidu is like Circuit Training based on Animal Flow Workouts. You train the animal and one day, one day it will attack and kill its owner. That is what will happen,” he revealed on Adom TV in January last year during a panel discussion.

“Ghanaians are jubilating Martin Amidu. Wow! Because of what Ghanaians want I will not comment. You know how animals are trained in circuits, don’t you? We live in this country to see one day… I shall be vindicated. They do not know what is ahead of them. Go ahead and hail Amidu. The Man who made him a Minister see how he embarrassed him and now a prosecutor? No further comment,” he added.


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