Mass Resignation Hit GNPC To Join Top International Oil Companies


The Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) has been hit by a mass resignation to join big international oil companies as a result of mismanagement and intimidation from the current acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr Opoku Ahwene Danquah.

A lot more are also prepared to join other oil companies across the globe when the opportunity comes. These are workers who have been financially supported by the government to school outside the country to have the requisite knowledge in adding value to the corporation and to be among the best in the world in terms of the oil business.

It is very pathetic for government to lose such top and Senior Staff members to international bodies after investing hugely in them.

In an interview with some of the disgruntled workers, they expressed their deepest regret to the current CEO of the corporation for failing to adhere to the good practices of GNPC as a body.

”We thought he could change but the sort of arrogance and the disrespect from our boss is mind-boggling” some employees  stressed “.

GNPC could hit a financial crisis in no time if care is not taken. The current acting CEO is expected to build on what he came to inherit but not to turn the corporation into bankruptcy after our struggle to lime light as some workers attributed to the kind of arrogance met on them.

Others accused the CEO of using junior staff for deliberate failures.


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