My Officers Have Disgraced Me- Swedru Police Commander Cries Out After ‘Wee Tofee’ Inplant On Youths


On 10th February 2023, three gentlemen travelled to Kuntunase for a funeral. On their way, some police officers decided to stop them when they got to Swredu to search them around 11 pm.

The driver, upon instruction, stepped down to the car to open the car boot to be searched by the officers.

According to the three gentlemen, one police officer pushed the driver aside to accomplish the search, where he instantly dipped his hands into one of the luggage and brought out a substance he described as ”wee toffee”.

Amidst the accusation made by the officer after the search, the three gentlemen were surrounded by five more police officers.

Two of the guys were handcuffed despite their plea to be taken to the police station for official statements in the darkest hour of the night.

Despite the plea and rejection of the accusation, one of the service personnel forcibly directed one of the guys to a Mobile Money(MoMO) vendor to extort an amount of 2000 Ghanaian Cedi after they initially demanded 5000 Ghanaian Cedi.

Narrating the incident on the Aye hu show broadcasted on Hot 93.9 FM, the outstanding executive producer of the program, Maaboro together with the host Chairman KK travelled to Swredu to get insights into the allegations by the men to the service of integrity.

The Aye hu team with the accused persons met the divisional police commander together with the district commander, crime officer and station officer.

According to the divisional police commander, he had cautioned his boys not to engage in such acts barely two weeks ago.

It will be recalled that a doctor who sent viral audio on social media about the alleged wee planting of police officers in the citizens’ vehicle was later arrested by the police.

Again, the West Hill Mall incident has also rendered Shadrack who was allegedly tortured to death by one police officer was said to be guilty of swallowing some amount of cannabis in a statement by a pathologist.

Meanwhile, the Swredu Divisional Commander after realizing that the guys were innocent, rendered an apology to the gentlemen accused of possessing wee toffee and refunded the 2000 Ghanaian cedi to them.

However, the producer of the midmorning show also charged that the officers should be dealt with after the three falsely accused suspects were able to identify five of the police officers who extorted them after planting cannabis toffee in their luggage.

The Senior police officer stated that the officers involved had disgraced him and the Sweredu Police Command as a whole and commended the Ay3 Hu team for their work.

The Commander assured the Aye Hu team of sanctioning the officers involved in the disheartening act.

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