NPP Urges Presidential Aspirants To Refrain From Casting Doubt On Voter Register Credibility


The governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) has cautioned presidential hopefuls against portraying the party’s electoral roll for its presidential primaries as unreliable.

Some aspirants’ campaign teams have expressed concerns over the register, alleging the presence of errors.

In a press statement dated August 7 and signed by William Yamoah, the Secretary of the Presidential Elections Committee, the NPP reassured that the committee is actively collaborating with the presidential aspirants to rectify any identified errors. 

The party emphasized its commitment not only to producing a dependable Voter Register but also to ensure an election process characterized by openness, equity, and clarity.

The statement also acknowledged historical disputes related to election albums within the context of the party’s electoral history in the 4th Republic. 

The statement said the NPP had in conjunction with the Presidential Elections Committee, taken significant measures to prevent such conflicts in the present contest. The party deemed it regrettable for anyone to incorrectly suggest that the Album is misleading to the Ghanaian public.

“We are aware that complaints about albums have been a subject matter of disputes in the history of our political party elections in the 4th Republic and this is exactly what the NPP together with the Presidential Elections Committee is taking steps to avoid in the current contest. It is therefore unfortunate for anyone to give the impression to Ghanaians that the Album is a fallacy,” the statement said.

“We wish to assure the entire public that the Presidential Elections Committee is determined not only to produce a credible Voter Register but also to ensure that the election process is free, fair, and transparent. In this regard, we continue to invite inputs from interested individuals and Party members”.

The NPP conveyed its pledge to the general public that the Presidential Elections Committee is wholeheartedly devoted to establishing an authentic Voter Register and upholding the principles of fairness, liberty, and transparency throughout the election process. 

They further welcomed contributions and insights from interested individuals and Party members in this pursuit.

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