PHOTOS: Young Man Beaten To Death For Allegedly Aiding In Snatching Of Pragia


A young man has been beaten to death after allegedly aiding his friend to snatch a tricycle popularly called Pragia from its owner. The Two young men were arrested for allegedly snatching the Pragia at Mampong in the Ashanti region.

According to chief Supt Steven Baidoo of the Mampong police, one Isaac Boakye 21 years Pragia Rider reported that two young men, named Ibrahim Mohammed 22 years who claimed to be security at a drinking bar and a friend called Dente hired the Pragia rider to carry some bags of cassava in their farm in Daaman near Mampong.
 When they reached the farm , Dente told him that what they had uprooted wasn’t  enough ,so Mohammed left them to uproot more to be added. While waiting under a hut in the farm, Dente took a sack and went behind Isaac and covered his head with the sack and tied his neck.
Dente succeeded and also tied both his hand and legs. The two young men subsequently made away with the motor bike. Isaac was able to lose the sack and untied himself and raised an alarm which caused their arrest.
The local residents beat them mercilessly — resulting in the death of Dante who was pronounced dead at a hospital after the police went to the scene to salvage the situation

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