Richie Jumps To The Defence Of Kuami Eugene In Feud With Guru


Chief Executive Officer of Lynx Entertainment record label, Richie Mensah, has penned down a long letter to defend his artiste, Kuami Eugene, after he was lambasted on social media.

According to him, critics, who are attacking his artiste for allegedly disrespecting his colleague musician Guru, are wrong to do so.

Kuami Eugene was in the news after he granted an interview saying he wouldn’t feature Guru because the latter disrespected his boss, Mr Mensah.

However, Guru in a riposte told Kuami Eugene he wouldn’t be on top of his craft forever, hence he should respect elders in the game.

But, Mr Mensah has taken to his social media pages to explain himself.

Read the full text below:

I normally stay quiet in most situations but this time I only feel it’s right I say something. Guru asked Lynx for a feature with either KiDi or Kuami Eugene, but the request was denied.

He then went from one media house to another insulting myself and other members of Lynx management, even to the extent of accusing us of sabotaging his career for the past 10 years.

He spun stories which implied we have some extreme power in the industry to vitiate someone’s career.

As usual my team and I stuck to our usual demeanour and stayed mute.

When Kuami Eugene was asked in an interview if he would feature Guru, he simply said he couldn’t because Guru had insulted me consistently, and it wouldn’t be right to do a feature with someone who was disrespecting his boss.

Let’s call a spade a spade. There was nothing disrespectful in what Eugene said. I’m a responsible leader, and I would have chastised my artiste if he spoke out of turn.

So my question is, those attacking Eugene for allegedly disrespecting his elder Guru, where were they when Guru was attacking myself and my reputation in a disrespectful manner?

We talk about unity in the industry and then we go around bringing each other down.

I personally have no problem with Guru. Never have and never will. I like to conserve my energy towards constant success and development than to waste my time on petty squabbling.

Guru is a natural hitmaker, and doesn’t need KiDi nor Kuami Eugene on his song to make a hit.

So there really should be no offence taken in any of this. So can we just drop all this ‘wahala’ and everyone go back to making hits for Ghana?

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