Soldier Reportedly Stabs Bolt Driver In Road Rage Incident


A ride-hailing driver associated with Bolt has reportedly been assaulted by a man in military attire following a traffic dispute.

The driver, who had to be revived by medical personnel due to significant blood loss at the Deseret Hospital at Santa Maria in Accra reportedly expressed caution to the military personnel for alleged reckless driving.

In response, the alleged soldier reportedly stabbed the driver’s head before physically assaulting him.

The victim who was rushed to the hospital for treatment is currently on admission.

Michelle Frimpong, a passenger in the victim’s car recounted to Citi News that “There was this 4×4 that was behind us, and he did a wrongful overtaking and got in the middle of the road. So then it was too obvious, either we skid off the road or we allow him to use his car to scratch our car. Then the bolt driver stretched out his hand and touched the back of his car. And we said that if you wanted a way, show a traffic indicator and don’t do a wrongful overtaking.”

“So just a few minutes, we saw that they had come to park in front of our car. Then this man came down, opened the door of our car, and pulled the bolt driver out of the car. Then the soldier guy came out of the car pulled him back and closed the car. So it was the people around who said that he was stabbed so when I got out of the passenger’s side I realized blood oozing out of his head. So we had to rush him to the hospital.”

Source: CNR

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