Student Confesses To Killing His Family


A Kenyan university student has confessed to police and given details of how he planned and killed five members of his family, local media report

Simon Warunge, 22, is reported to have told police that he used a metal bar to hit his mother, brother, father and cousin before stabbing them with a knife.

The student told the police that his parents were satanic and cruel, the Star Newspaper reports.

He said they hated him and talked behind his back, Citizen TV reported.

Two of his sisters who had reported back to school survived the attack.

His mother was a psychologist nurse in Kenya, while the father was a nurse in the US and had arrived in the country for Christmas festivities before his murder.

Investigators have re-opened investigations into other killings that took place in the extended family.

Police have also arrested the suspect’s girlfriend. The pair was arraigned in court on Monday.

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