Supporters of ‘Disqualified’ Michael Yarboi Vandalise NDC Head Office


Following the disqualification of Michael Nii Yarboi, an aspiring parliamentary candidate in the Odododiodioo Constituency, enraged supporters have vandalized the National Democratic Congress (NDC) head office in Accra.

Protestors dumped refuse in front of the party’s headquarters, obstructing the road and causing traffic disruptions. Additionally, some supporters hurled bricks at the NDC head office, resulting in damage to several windows.

The Functional Executive Committee (FEC) of the National Democratic Congress officially disqualified Michael Nii Yarboi from participating in the party’s upcoming parliamentary primary in the Odododiodioo Constituency.

This decision was based on a report submitted by a Special Committee investigating the violence that occurred during the parliamentary aspirants’ vetting on October 13, 2023, in the Odododiodioo Constituency.

An eyewitness who spoke to Citi News on condition of anonymity said “According to them, they want an MP called Don and they have taken him out of the contest. Meanwhile, he is the one who has been helping the community for a very long time. Especially sending the youth in the community to school. They said he is sponsoring almost 13 or 18 students in university and SHS, so he is the one they want and not the other two because the other two according to them are incompetent.”

“One was given the nod as an assemblyman but couldn’t fulfill his promises and was given another chance to be a secretary but left the country for abroad and was back to seek the MP position. And the second one was an MP for Amasaman, and he couldn’t fulfill his promises there and wants to come to this constituency to make amends.”

Law enforcement has intervened to restore calm in the midst of the tumultuous situation at the National Democratic Congress (NDC) head office.


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