Toilet Roll Shortage in Parliament’s Washrooms – Lawmaker Alleges


The Member of Parliament (MP) for Krachi West Constituency Helen Ntoso has drawn attention to the inadequate provision of toilet rolls in the female washrooms used by MPs.

Expressing her concerns on the floor of parliament, Helen Ntoso emphasized the need for immediate action to address the issue, stating that it is the responsibility of Parliament to ensure the availability of basic amenities like toilet rolls.

Addressing the Speaker, the MP highlighted the persistent absence of toilet rolls in the washrooms. She brought the matter to the attention of the House, emphasizing the significance of resolving such a basic yet crucial issue.

“Mr. Speaker, if you go to the washroom, there are no toilet rolls since yesterday. There are no toilet rolls in the washroom, so I need to draw the attention of the House,” she voiced her concern on the floor of the Parliament on June 30, following the business statement for the week.

The MP’s statement sheds light on the importance of maintaining adequate supplies in the parliamentary washrooms to ensure the comfort and convenience of all MPs and visitors.


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