(Video) Landguards Brutalize Home Owner Over Dispute -Awutu Senya


A homeowner aged 29 years has been fiercely attacked by land guards at Awutu Senya West in the Central Region of Ghana.

According to the victim, he went to his home to visit his site when he met strangers digging a foundation on his brother’s plot which was sited near his project.

Amidst interrogation with the strangers on his brother’s land, the victim was hit with a shovel where he became unconscious.

Reporting on Accra’s mid-morning show, Aye Hu, after being rejected by several turns to many health facilities in the vicinity, the victim was finally admitted to a Winneba health facility.

After a successful surgery on the victim, he realized he was robbed of his 5000 Ghanaian Cedi amidst the chaos with the land guards.

Meanwhile, the victim has appealed to the Ghana Police Service to intervene in landguard-related issues in the area as his life is endangered.

However, the 29-year-old victim has revealed that he recognized all the suspected land guards that caused such havoc on him.

Watch the Excerpt of the video here:


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