VIDEO:’Blame The Government Over Students Insulting Akufo-Addo In Viral Video’-KK


Host of Political talk show on Accra-based Hot 93.9FM ‘Dwenehobiom’;Nelson Kwadwo Asamoah better known as K.K has indicated candidly that he blames the government over Final Year Senior High Students (SHS) of Sekondi College in the Western Region insulting President Akufo-Addo in a very recent viral video.

This appalling act emerged from the general uproar of the candidates of the ongoing 2020 WASSCE about the examination questions being too difficult. The students of the above mentioned school are seen in the video raining abusive words on the President.

The SHS students, blaming the president for their inability to write the exam, called him a fool and threatened his chance of ruling Ghana for another term, reminding him of his being in his final year.

They used abusive words in the Akan dialect such as “kwasia” and “bele” and ended their rant with an outrageous local profane phrase that is translated as “your mother’s vagina”.

Expressing his view on the cloying matter on his ‘Dwenehobiom’show on Wednesday, KK who could not hold his peace on air, blamed President Akufo-Addo and the Education Minister,Martin Opoku Prempeh for pushing unprepared students to go and write the WASSCE examination.

According to the concerned presenter, the time allotted to the students to prepare for the exams was short and inadequate.

“You are the ones who said that we are not in normal times. Why then do you push the students to write, when you know they are not adequately prepared?”

…I will blame the president and the Minister of Education, because these students were not adequately prepared towards this exam and that is why they could not write the exams and are now insulting the first gentleman of this country. …”K.K Fumed.

He explained extensively that, the President and the Minister of Education should have joined heads with the parents of the students to suspend the exams because not every student had what it takes to hire a private teacher during the quarantine period, and most of them were not involved in any academic exercises.

Sounding extremely disdained, the ‘Dwenehobiom’ show host ferociously condemned the indiscipline of the students for having insulted “the first gentleman of the country by indicating that,” This has never happened in the history of Ghana—from the date of Nkrumah till now, this is the first time such a thing is happening; this is not the time for the politicians to play their games, and that the ignominious act of the students should be condemned”.

KK cautioned that if these students are not used as scapegoats, Ghana will experience worse things from them than we are seeing presently.”They would oneday go to the President’s office and give him a hefty slap”.

He then sent a word of advice to all students, saying that failing a paper is not the end of the world; it can be resat–and encouraged that there are given talents that do not have anything to do with school, but can cause people to prosper.

Kindly watch the KK’s submission below!

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