We’ll Investigate Covid-19 Funds Misappropriation – Haruna Iddrisu


Minority Leader of Parliament, Haruna Iddrisu has said that they will probe how the funds secured by government for the fight against Covid-19 were used.

According to him, monies allocated for covid-19 to protect lives and public health were used for political purposes and to solicit votes from the electorate in the just-ended election.

“We will be investigating Covid and the money they spend on election instead of spending it on Covid to protect lives and public health,” he said.

He made this comment on the sidelines of the State of the Nation Address in Parliament Tuesday.

“They didn’t spend the Covid money on public health they were dishing it around and sharing it to men and women across the country to get votes,” the Minority Leader explained.

The legislator insisted that the President has squandered public funds in such a way that it undermines the democratic process.

“One of the most dangerous things Nana Addo has done to our democracy is the huge dosage of money used in this election going forward that would undermine the integrity of any democratic process,” he said.

He added that sharing of money at polling stations to influence voters does not guarantee democracy.

“It has never ever happened even at polling stations people sharing money and putting monies in masks for voters and you think that that gives you a democracy… I’m sorry,” he concluded.

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