West Hills Mall Fatality: CCTV Confirms Deceased Was Confronted By Police


The management of a shopping centre located at Dukonah, near Weija along the Accra – Cape Coast Highway, West Hills Mall, has confirmed the incident which resulted in the death of a 32-year-old man last Monday, happened at their premises at Weija in Accra.

According to the management of the mall, eyewitness accounts including that of its security personnel indicate that Shadrach Arloo (the 32 years born) opposed an arrest by an officer of the law who suspected he was in possession of illicit drugs or banned substances.

In a statement issued by Olympio Agbodza, the Assistant Asset Manager, West Hills Mall explained that Shadrach Arloo, “removed something from his bag and swallowed it as the policeman approached him.”  

Confirming that the incident happened at their premises on Monday afternoon (January 30, 2023) at 3:15 pm, they said Shadrach Arloo who was a “visitor” at the premises was confronted by a Police Officer and asked to present his bag for examination.

“The Police Officer apparently suspected the customer, a young man between 25 and 30 years, of possessing drugs or banned substances,” West Hills Mall indicated in the statement.

It said the accounts indicate that “the young man hesitated, removed something from his bag and swallowed it as the policeman approached him.”

“West Hills Mall’s 24-hour security surveillance system captured footage of the officer apprehending the young man, as well as another man who accompanied him, as they headed for the main entrance of the mall.

“In an attempt to handcuff the young man, a struggle between the parties ensued when the Police Officer tried to handcuff him.

“He was eventually handcuffed but stopped struggling and appeared unwell after that. The Police subsequently removed the cuffs from his hands, and Mall Security arranged for transportation for him to be taken to the medical facility on-site. Sadly, he was pronounced dead by Medics upon arrival.”

The Weija District Police have since retrieved the body of the deceased, the management added.

Shadrach Arloo, 32, was scheduled to travel to Germany on Tuesday, but 24 hours before that journey, he had an encounter with a policeman and private security personnel that resulted in his death.

He was allegedly beaten to death by one of the said men, according to some eyewitnesses.

His sister, Perpetual Didier, a gospel musician told Graphic Online that, an eyewitness told the family that Shadrach was tased.

She claimed Shadrach had gone to the mall for shopping and that he was there to buy some items he was expected to carry along to Germany for his elder sister – this sister had facilitated his documentation and travel.

On his way out of the mall premises, he was reportedly confronted by the said policeman.

The policeman is said to have demanded that he hands over his luggage for a search.

He rejected and insisted he was not going to do so.

His explanation, according to the eyewitnesses was that he suspected that the police can plant something in it to incriminate him.

According to the sister, the eyewitnesses told the family that, Shadrach insisted that if they really wanted to search his bag, he was ready to go with them to the nearest police station for the said purpose.

This resulted in an altercation, during which Shadrach was reportedly beaten and tased, resulting in his death, the sister alleged.

The case has since been reported at the SCC Police station and the body has been deposited at the Police Hospital morgue in Accra.

According to Perpetual, Shadrach had concluded all his documentation and was scheduled to travel to Germany on Tuesday (January 31, 2023) to join his sister.

Police statement

The police in a press statement issued Tuesday night (Jan 31, 2023) said the Police Professional Standards Bureau (PPSB) has commenced an investigation into the allegation and has contacted Perpetual Didier to assist with the investigation.

“We would like to assure the public of a thorough investigation into the matter,” a statement signed by Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Mr Victor K. Dosoo for the Director of Police Public Affairs said.

It said the police’s attention was drawn to the video of Perpetual Didier on social media in which she alleged that a police officer has caused the death of her brother.

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