‘Your Bride Price Should Be Ghc 200 If You Not A Virgin’ – Prophet Kofi Oduro


Prophet Kofi Oduro has lit a new hot argument on the local digital space about his comments which entangles between men, ladies and virginity.

The man of God has strongly opined that any lady who is not a virgin’s family should be given only 200 cedis as her brideprice.

According to the highly opinionated man of God and vociferous preacher who cares less about the feelings of others and only states facts, non-virgins are not worthy of a huge bride price.

According to him, a lady who has kept her sexual purity intact deserves to have a hefty bride price placed on her, unlike the rest who are enjoying sex with other men before marriage.

He declared that for a virgin, her family can ask for a piece of land, a generator, laptop or whatever they want because such a lady is worthy.

However, if the lady is not a virgin, specifically if she’s been used many times to the extent that her breasts have ‘fallen down’ at a young age, she deserves only Ghc 200 as a bride price.

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