Lady Narrates How She Was Dumped By A Guy For Eating 6 Slices Of Bread At A Sitting


A lady who thought her date will be fun experienced the worse when she was ditched right after the date ended.

Not knowing your partner’s turn-off can cause you to lose someone you so much cherished. Little things such as snoring while sleeping or even dunking your bread in your tea are turn-offs for some people.

In relation to the above-mentioned scenarios, a young lady @brandybride has taken to her Twitter page to narrate how a guy she was supposedly seeing and hoping she would tie the knot and become more romantically involved ditched her.

According to her, he ditched her because she ate 6 slices of bread over one sitting. Here’s what she wrote: “I remember one time I went to this guy’s house and ate 6 slices of bread. That was the last time he ever called me.”

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