Nana Adwoa Annan: Shirley Frimpong Manso Must Be Studied In The Universities

Gone are the days when women were labelled in the society as kitchen tools. But that perception has been obliterated in the 21st century.
This is simply because women have proven their worth at the decision table. Words that best describe women now include: courageous, strong, brave, zealous, enthusiastic, goal getters; what men can do, women can do even better.
Today one of such women that best describes these adjectives is multiple award-winning Ghanaian Filmmaker, Shirley Frimpong Manso .
Shirley Frimpong Manso, a true reflection of a virtuous woman, a woman of substance,she has stood tall and strong among her peers and come shoulder to shoulder with men.
She has broken boundaries, and works assiduously amongst all odds to make sure the Ghanaian movie industry is still in motion.
Our creative art industry was previously dominated by males, where they assumed positions such as producers, script writers, directors, PM’s etc until the lioness Shirley sprouted in the movie industry, one everybody can attest to.
she is not only taking Ghanaian movie to different level but also deployed and employed qualified personnels to make sure the Ghanaian film is accepted internationally “changing the Narrative “
Sincerely speaking, Shirley has become the “Yaa Asantewaa” of our time – a woman who stood tall amidst the Covid-19 pandemic to produce one intelligent and a lesson learnt Ghanaian setting series with a little twist of comedy “Dede” on DSTV
She also created a new movie “US in Between “ which depicts the situation we were facing as a nation, when most of the movie producers – the likes of Abdul Salma Mumuni, Frank Rajah were sleeping .Well, no disrespect .
Sometimes I wonder why she is never approached or questioned as to how best the movie industry can be revived at the decision table. Hmmm
But heavens!! When I look at her qualities and zeal in our creative industry, I think she needs to be appreciated and commended.
In fact, without fear or favour, I strongly believe she must be studied as a course in our various universities.
Oh, Yes, in order to prove to our young women that they can also make it not just by opening their legs but by putting their heads and hands to work.


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