Woman Confesses How She Charges Husband Before Intimacy (Video)


A married woman named Naa narrates how she takes money from her husband before allowing him to have sex in their marriage.

According to Naa, her husband propelled her into the union. 

Speaking on Accra’s favourite mid-morning show, Aye hu aired on hot 93.9 Fm, Naa furthered that her hubby was not providing for the family after they married.

In view of this, that was the only way Naa could take money from her husband to feed the family. 

Meanwhile, the husband who was also present on the mid-morning show, clarified that he had to do that because he believed the second child in the marriage was not his.

The Aye Hu show is aired on Hot 93.9 FM from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm.

Watch an excerpt of the video below:


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