Another ‘Mermaid’ Hajia 4 Real Spotted In Ghana


As Ghanaians are coming to terms with the presence of the African Mermaid, Sister Derby, another has popped up.

Sister Derby has, for time immemorial, disclosed her alter ego as a mermaid, taking her obsession as far as posing in water while donning a mermaid costume.

Hajia 4 Reall Mermaid

Likewise, socialite turned singer, Mona Montrage, popularly known as Hajia 4 Reall, has also been spotted dressed as a mermaid.

She was captured in the sea blue piece while sitting on some rocks near a waterfall and pool area.

Hajia 4 Reall Mermaid

She recruited two others who also mimicked the sea creatures to give credence to her brag that she is the “queen of all fine, curvaceous and heavy girls.”

Hajia 4 Reall Mermaid

The unusual costume was for a music video for her second track, Fine Girl.

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