Aphrodisiac Patronage High Among Youth


Abdul Sadique, a pharmacy assistant, has said the youth from 18 to 40 years are using Aphrodisiacs for sexual activities.

Mr Sadique said aphrodisiac usage without prescription could have a dangerous side effect but the youth in their desire to impress their female partners refuse to listen to counselling from pharmacists.

The Pharmacy Technician, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Tema, explained that some use aphrodisiac “to teach their female partners a lesson for spending their money and not reciprocating their love.”

He explained that there are different types for both internal and external usage and noted that an overdose of any type of aphrodisiac has the potential of creating a problem for the person in the future.

Miss Rita Amoako, who is also a Pharmacy Assistant at Fresh Spring Chemists’ Limited, told GNA in Tema that there was high patronage of Aphrodisiac than condom during this year’s Valentine’s Day celebration.

“The youth mainly resorted to the purchase of the aphrodisiac drugs especially those ones which are robbed on the surface of the skin,” she said.

She said normally men patronise aphrodisiac than women but sometimes women come around to buy it for their husbands, most often with a prescription from their doctors.

Sometimes those without the prescription from a health facility would consult the Pharmacist on the health issue of their husbands and are given medication, but “usually we direct them to consult a medical doctor to solve the problem.”

Solomon Duku, a medical student at Jiangsu University Medical School, said the youth sometimes combine pills, which can result in Priapism(sustained unwanted hours of erection) because of youthful exuberance and the quest to show off their strength in handling their women.

He identified some of the side effects as headaches, dizziness, flushes, and blood pressure and long term performance challenges.

Mr Duku noted that sex is never a thing that defines the strength of a man or a guy.

He said taking medications to boost performance will go a long way to affect a man sexually and that men should stay away from the abuse of aphrodisiacs and be content with nature’s gift to man.

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