Ahyirem Royals of Offinso were never cursed…. 1992 judicial committee of Ashanti region report


The attention of the concerned Ahyirem Royal family members has been drawn to the fabrication of a curse on the family over two hundred years ago. The issue is not just a lie but a calculated attempt to deny the royal family from getting access to the Offinso paramountcy.

The alleged curse was created by the Akonkodiase royal family to own the throne forever. They trumpeted the alleged curse but the Ashirem Royal family contested the lies by Akonkodiase from 1987 to 1992. There was no evidence to the claim and the issue was settled amicably. The ruling states categorically that the two gates have equal access to the stool.

The Offinso state book approved by Nana Wiafe Akenten lll also recorded the issue resolved and recognized the Ahyirem royal family without hesitation. We wish to state that, the alleged curse has been used to prevent the Larger Ashirem royal family from once again taking over the stool by Akonkodiase. The question remains why a small section of Ashirem under the alleged royal curse has been granted to select someone.

There was no division of Ashirem during the alleged curse and Ashirem has always been one with one royal head in Offinso as we speak. More can be said about the legitimacy of the royalty of Kwakwaboase within the Ashirem royal family. The fact remains that there was no curse but a mere lie by the other gate, which is Akonkodiase, but the latter was exposed and the matter settled amicably. Attached is a copy of the ruling…
The ruling document

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