Hot Video: Bloody Substance Flows From A Tap In Ghana


Netizens have reacted to the video of a ‘bloody substance” flowing from a tap in some part of Ghana and has really left us all scared for our lives.

Not long ago, tea-like water flowed from a tap in a video shared by a concerned citizen on social media and this will definitely have a long way to go in relation to the ongoing #fixthecountry campaign.

The viral video of Ghana water turning into a bloody substance after the tap was reportedly reopened after 3 weeks of mechanical works has shocked social media users.

It is reported that Ghana Water Company created an artificial shortage of water with the explanation of working on one of the major supply lines which have been leaking.

After the completion of the major works which took over 3 weeks instead of the usual plan of 2 weeks, citizens were expected to have clean water flowing through their tap as it used to be.

However, a video of bloody like substance flowing through the tap has got netizen worried and scared about the nature of water which was flowing through their tap.

Watch the video below;


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