Video: Animals Also Dream, I Have Seen A Dog Dreaming Before – Spiritual Teacher

Leader and founder of Dikaos movement , Ahokagya The Oracle has made a shocking revelation during one of his spiritual teachings on Hot 93.9FM.
According to him, like human beings, animals also have souls and they dream when sleeping. He stated that six years ago he saw his dog dreaming while it was sleeping on his bed.
Explaining how he was able to ascertain that the dog was really dreaming, the leader and founder of the Dikaos movement conjectured that When animals sleep they exhibit behaviours just like how when humans are sleeping and they are dreaming exhibit.
“Animals have souls … animals also dream, six or seven years ago my dog named Bolt was sleeping on my bed while I was playing a game…all of a sudden it started whimpering …So the way it was shaking I realised it was dreaming… when humans are dreaming and it’s about nightmares the reaction is just like what the dog exhibited”. He revealed.
He stated emphatically that everyone who has or owns animals such as Mice,parrots,snakes and cats has experienced such a situation before.
Ahokagya The Oracle is a Ghanaian master mentalist who wows his audience with his feats of mind-reading, telepathy, and other mental abilities.
He also uses these to help people with various issues ranging from addictions to mental issues and the like. He has a striking ability to see the past, present and the future.
Watch the video below

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