VIDEO: COA Launches The New COA Mixture



The Centre of Awareness Research and Manufacturing Company Limited has released and launched its new product, the COA Mixture. The launch of the product was held on Tuesday October 20, 2020 at the Accra Metropolitan Assembly auditorium.

The COA Mixture is the newly improved product formerly known as COA FS. The former product which served as a food supplement and immune booster was banned this year in April by the Food and Drugs authority for contamination, and that took the product out of market.

CEO of COA Research and Manufacturing Company Ltd., Professor Samuel Ato Duncan informed at the launch that the product has not just been made safer to take; it has received and upgrade is now not just a food supplement, but a mixture for general wellbeing. Professor Duncan furthered on to establish that the COA Mixture has been made to vitalize the body and help it to fight diseases.

By that, he explained that both sick people and healthy people can take the mixture. “Everybody needs the COA mixture” he said. Several testimonies of the mixture emerged at the launch. People who had had near death experiences were present to testify of the effectiveness of the newly improved herbal medicine.

COA Mixture has been endorsed and certified by the FDA and is now available for distribution and retailing. The COA Research and Manufacturing Company Ltd seeks to assure the public that the product is safe for consumption and is now more effective that ever.

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