Video: Who Is GAMRO? – CEO Of Record Label Surprisingly Asks On Live TV


As a Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of a record Label, many music enthusiasts would perceive Kofi Sonny to know Ghana Music Rights Organization(GAMRO).

This is simply because the Ghana Music Rights Organization is a royalties collection agency within Ghana that represents the rights of music copyright holders. But Kofi Sonny has defied that Perception.

According to him,he doesn’t know there is an organisation in the Ghanaian music industry that is called GAMRO.

Speaking in an exclusive interview on Atinka TV’s entertainment show ‘JukeBox’ hosted by Nana Adwoa Annan, Kofi Sonny who was answering a question in line with whether he would collect the royalties of his artist Korsah from GAMRO even though he is based in the United States said:

” Who is Gamro?’.

Kofi Sonny is the Chief Executive Officer of 610 music/Universal music group which is based in the United States. Though the record label has been in existence for long, its newest artist, Kwame Korsah is currently regarded as one of the fast-rising artiste in Ghana.

Korsah’s song ‘Show Something’ that features Kofi Mole is currently enjoying massive airplay on both radio and TV.

Watch the interview below

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