5 Types Of Men You Should Date In Your 20s


When it comes to knowing love, there is no rule. Every single person’s situation, as well as experience, is entirely different than the other’s.

However, some principles teach you exactly what you need to know, no matter how it’s delivered.

Looking at specifically from a woman’s perspective, she should date a few different types of men who can teach her various things about finding true love, while she’s in her twenties.

Here’s a list of the kind of men every woman should date when she’s in her 20s:

  • The one who challenges you

A man who can keep challenging you to try and experience new things every now and then should definitely be in your life while you’re in your 20s. This man will make you think, reflect and dive into waters you’ve never dared to dive in before. This is the kind of love that will have depth and it often presents itself as many layers at first.

  • The one who knows what he wants

Ladies, find a man who knows what he wants as he will serve as a guide. You grow when you watch someone else who exactly knows what they want in life and how they are growing. It serves as an inspiration and guides you through too. It offers clarity and validation.

  • The one you have nothing in common with

There’s definitely a connection that is lacking in such kind of a relationship. It lacks a certain type of intimacy and closeness because it’s more about learning each other’s likes and dislikes at all times. You try to understand this man’s perspective towards love and life while he tries to understand yours.

  • The one from your past

This man is the one that shows up on days when you least expect. This one is a familiar person who teaches you parts about how homely it can feel with just a person. This person never really goes away until he teaches you what you need to know.

  • The one who is close to your family

This kind of love allows you to envision your future family by watching the man with your own family. There’s a certain kind of hope and trust that you feel when this kind of deeper meaning and attachment with this person. They make you see how your future can look with them and the family.

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