How To Spot ‘Uncalled’ Man Of God


Spirituality is the third eye everyone seeks when growing up. It has been an occult or better said hidden knowledge from the lame man. Spirituality limits the function of the human brain as it is always termed as above human comprehension and understanding.

A prophet in the Bible was one who would proclaim the word of the Lord. They would speak on the Lord’s behalf in a situation. Sometimes they would speak about a future event and other times they would speak about a current matter. By definition then, a false prophet is one who presents themselves as speaking on behalf of the Lord, however, instead of speaking truth, they speak lies.

False prophets force their acclaimed prophecies to come to pass even when they know it is not from God. They normally do this for their selfish gain which could come from the results of greed, anguish for power and sometimes being sponsored by a third party.

Many people have taken it to their advantage to trick people into believing their myths when their brains become limited in problem-solving.

Here are some basic signs of identifying a fake or false prophet in order not to put your life at risk:
  1. They force you to believe what they say as the only truth: It’s a very sad incident as some men of God do everything possible to predict your life and force acceptance on you.
  2. Enmity amongst parents and children: The Austrian neurologist, Sigmund Freud discovered the Oedipus complex. The term is described as a desire for sexual involvement with the parent of the opposite sex and a concomitant sense of rivalry with the parent of the same sex; a crucial stage in the normal developmental process. Most men of God, knowing this theory have decided to use it amongst people because of their ignorance of Science.
  3.  What They Say Does Not Come True
  4.  They never preach, they keep telling their members stories of how they performed miracles here and there: These men have nothing to preach and as such, don’t even make an attempt. They feel their members with lies and funnily enough, these unsuspecting members, take in everything -hook, line and sinker.
  5. They are so proud: These men, act like they are the owners of the air they breathe. Very authoritative and loud. Talking with them would make you feel like you were a baby and a nobody.
  6.  Use And Sale Of Symbolisms: Many of these men, instead of preaching the Word of God, would rather use the church as a ground for marketing ‘holy handkerchiefs’, soap, ‘Mantles’, their own anointed clothing and even holy water.
  7. They expect their members to bow on seeing them

The Holy Book has stated that God created us in his own image, therefore, giving us dominion over the thing he had created. Let us seek knowledge so we do not perish and remember we are the master of our own destiny.


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